Direct Mail:

Put the Direct Mail Experts to work for your businessOur team of direct mail specialists has multiple years of experience in working with the US Postal Service. Our experience, combined with state of the art technology in software, equipment and service, promise to make your direct mail campaign a success.


  • Highest-rated postal software in the industry, recommended by the US Postal Service
  • CASS and PAVE Certified for best postage rates


  • Ink jet addressing systems capable of up to 30,000 direct mail pieces/hour
  • High quality laser addressing for variable direct marketing pieces
  • High-Volume/High Speed:
    • Folding machines
    • Tabbing machines
    • Stamping machines
    • Envelope inserters

Experience + Technology + Service = Direct Mail Success!

Our direct mail services include delivery to the Post Office. In addition, all of our customers receive postal statements, signed, dated and stamped by the US Postal Service, with all direct mail jobs we process.

Direct Mail Lists:

Experience + Technology + Service = Direct Mail Success! The right list is one of the most important aspects of a direct mail campaign. ALL STAR MAILING, INC has access to thousands of lists across the country, all at wholesale prices. With thousands of different selection criteria, we have the ability to get your list as targeted as you need it to help ensure success with your direct mail campaign.